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8 simple tips to transform your website.

We all need a clear out and declutter every now and then, and your website is no different. Here’s some quick, actionable tips that will improve your user experience in moments.

Make your content about your ideal clients, rather than you.

Start your website with a clear headline that explains the value that you offer to your clients. Show them that you understand their unique needs, explain how you can help them and detail results that you’ve already created for clients in similar situations.

Take your prospective clients on a journey.

Anticipate your client’s needs and make their life simple. Use analytics to your advantage to find where people are dropping off your website, and with this knowledge in mind, improve the content, and guide your users along the journey that you want them to take. Careful planning and compelling content are key!

Give your content room to breathe.

As important as the content itself, white space (not necessarily white) helps readability, creates balance and establishes hierarchy. It communicates what’s important, what’s related and what needs the user’s attention.

Make your content easy to read on all devices.

Is your text legible from where the user is sat or holding the device? Reduce visual clutter by limiting your font choices. Use varying font weight, size, colour and transparency to guide the user through your content. A minimum font size of 16px is the norm for the modern web. For reference, I’m using font sizes of 21px for the majority of body text on this website.

Be careful overlaying text on images.

A picture tells a thousand words, so be careful not to distract from your images with overlaid text. Keeping each element separate ensures that your images are clear and vivid, and that text is easy to read.

Ask for the action.

Once you’ve shown your value, make it obvious what you want your user to do next. Do you want them to subscribe, contact, buy, share? Ask them! Ensure that any buttons and links inspire an action… rather than ’click here’, how about ’read more’ or ’shop now’?

Check, check, check again.

There’s nothing that undermines your credibility more so than bad spelling or dead links which go nowhere. Ask someone to proofread and test your website to spot any errors before your prospective client or customer does.

Consistency is key.

Consistency creates subliminal behaviour patterns for your users. Try making all of the interactive elements of your site (links, buttons, menus etc) the same colour to make it clear to your users which elements are clickable or tappable.

So there you have it, a few top tips that won’t take too much time, but will make the user experience a lot more enjoyable and easy to use. And a more engaging and enjoyable experience is much more likely to convert for you and achieve your desired action. Win win!

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8 simple tips to transform your website.

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