Intentions for the year ahead.

I never really do New Year’s resolutions because I’m a firm believer that if you want to make a change (no matter how big or small), you can do it at any time of the year. But alongside a wise friend, I’ve set some professional and personal intentions and affirmations for the year ahead to keep referring back to…

All is well in my world.

My business is a huge success.

My creativity flows easily.

I have an abundance of money.

I have an abundance.

I have quality time for music.

I have time to be inspired and creative.

I have the time and space to allow my creativity to bloom.

Everywhere I look new doors of opportunity are opening for me.

I have all the guidance I need to move forward.

I have the perfect partner for me.

Every cell in my body is well.

The members of my family, Willow and my friends are all safe and well.

I have quality time for me.

I am discerning with every opportunity that comes my way.

I have only dream clients that provide me with quality work in a manageable way, and who understand and value my expertise.

I release all fear of the unknown.

I enjoy the holidays that come my way this year.

I did this last year too, and every single intention became my reality. They give me something to refer back to throughout the year to reflect on if something is the right step forward for me… I’m super excited and energised by it and feel a new sense of direction.

Have you set any intentions or goals for the new year? Let me know over on Instagram.

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Intentions for the year ahead.

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Meaning, intention, purpose.

The three key principles that run through everything that I do.