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I’ve rebranded… again.

“Real transformation requires real honesty. If you want to move forward — get real with yourself.”

It’s time for another big leap. The next evolution in the world of JW. This past year has been a whirlwind, and I’ve grown so much as a person, as a business owner, and as a creative. It was about time my brand and website followed suit too.

Looking back, my old branding was ok. The colour, the quirky illustrations, the tongue-in-cheek personality, and the play-on-words style served me well in the early stages of my business and helped me to grow a loyal client base. On the flip side of that, it didn’t made me look like the experienced designer that I am or represent my unique space in the market. I want to be seen as the expert, not just someone who can design you a logo or a business card, but someone who can create a brand… a brand that has purpose, an identity that authentically appeals to the target audience, and a website that perfectly aligns to the brand.

Whilst reflecting on my old brand, there were a few things I loved about it. The ample use of white space, the simple typography, the modern, minimalist aesthetic, the directness, and the honesty. These are all elements which are still part of my new brand today.

It’s all too easy to dive straight into the visuals, but I made sure to start by stripping everything back and really digging deep to think about where I want to be moving forward, why I’m different, who I want to be working with and the types of projects I want to be working on. To start with, I set out some aims and big ideas…

  • To be known for creating stand out, inspiring work that uniquely represents my clients and wows their customers.
  • To build a sustainable business that works for me, my lifestyle and my dreams.
  • To be the only logical option for my ideal clients to choose.
  • To be seen as a thought leader within my industry and unique space in the market.
  • To be a shining example of an alternative approach to business.
  • To create a company that plays to my strengths, feeds my ambition and enables me to live the life I want.
  • To create a business that puts me irresistibly, overwhelmingly first for a loyal and rewarding array of clients.
  • To create a business that creates opportunities, opens doors and takes me places I could only dream of.
  • To bring dreams to life.

Alongside my brand mentor, we sent out a survey to business owners and entrepreneurs to find out more about their experiences, feelings and thoughts when it comes to branding and web design. The feedback was so insightful and allowed me to shape an offering with purpose, and a message with meaning that truly connects with my ideal clients.

I defined my uniqueness, the magic I bring to each and every project, and clarified my story to put into words why I even do this in the first place. It was also important to set out my limits - what didn’t I want to work on? And what did I want to change moving forward?

Next up, I needed to describe my own creative style… beautifully simple, no clutter, no fuss, distinctive, understated, focused and clear. Based on these words, I started putting a moodboard together to give an indication of how my brand could be perceived visually moving forward.

Jack Watkins branding inspiration and moodboards

Filled with light, plenty of white was the theme it seemed. The mostly black and white aesthetic, with little pops of natural colour here and there allows photos to stand out and make an impression.

I went through multiple iterations for a new logo, before arriving at the grounded JW symbol which breaks out of the box it’s put in… a familiar theme throughout my life!

Jack Watkins branding flat lay with iPhone, Jo Malone candle, Moleskine notepad, Apple Watch, glasses and book

I searched high and low for fonts that helped me to tell my story in an authentic way and ended up investing in some beautiful, high-end typefaces from renowned font foundries which I’m sure I’ll be using for years to come.

Professional photography has been on my wish list for a long time, so it was a dream come true to work with the amazing Cecelina who captured the experience of working with me in the most inspiring way.

Jack Watkins presenting ideas to a client and visionary entrepreneur

Now then, probably the biggest job of all… transforming my website to truly represent my new brand and vision. With all new content, photos, typography and colour, I couldn’t wait to get going with this element. The designs flowed effortlessly, and the coding element to make it a reality all happened relatively fast too. The new working together page is a particular highlight that I hope gives a real insight into what it is like to work with me.

And here we are, launched and live! I’m so happy to be communicating across all touch points with clarity and with more warmth and heart behind it all. An extra special thanks to my amazing brand mentor, Lucy, for the intuitive guidance and support that you provided throughout this whole process.

I’ll be sharing behind the scenes insights into the process of rebranding and how I made it all happen on both my blog and on Instagram so be sure to subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on Instagram for all the latest.

I’m so proud of this new brand, and how far I’ve come. I hope you love it too and I can’t wait to show you what’s next.

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I’ve rebranded… again.

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