Simple things you can do to improve your website.

We all need a clear out every now and then and your website is no different. Here’s some quick and simple tips that you can action to improve your user experience.

Limit the colours that you use.

We all love colour, but it can get distracting when it’s used too much. Think about how you can use colour with meaning. Perhaps you could use one colour for all interactive elements, one colour for the main call to action to make it stand out, one colour for all body text, and one colour for your headings?

Make your text bigger.

Is your text legible from where your user is likely to be sat or holding the device they’re browsing the website from? A minimum font size of 16px is the norm for the modern web. I’m using font sizes of 24px for desktop devices and 20px for mobile devices for the majority of body text on this website.

Make your buttons consistent.

Make it easy for the user to know what’s clickable or tappable by making your buttons a consistent size, style and shape. Perhaps use a different size or colour for the main call to action if you want a particular action to stand out more than the others. Ensure that your buttons inspire an action. Rather than ‘Click here’, how about ‘Read more’ or ‘Shop now’?

Keep images clear and vivid.

They say a photo tells a thousand words, so be careful not to distract from the image too much with overlayed text. Consider what’s most important, the text or the image? If it’s the text, do you even need the photo? And if it’s the photo, could the text go into its own section?

Go through each page and click on all of the links… do they all go to the correct place? Reduce frustration for your users by making ’Page not found’ a thing of the past.

Proofread the website.

There’s nothing that undermines credibility more so than a badly spelt word. Ask a friend to proofread your website to spot any typos before your client does.

Make your logo smaller.

Everyone loves their logo (hopefully!), but does it really need to be that big?

Increase the white space.

White space gives your design room to breathe, helps readability and creates balance. Just as important as the content itself, white space can help you to communicate what’s important, what’s related and what needs the users attention.

So there you have it, a few top tips that won’t take too much time, but will make the user experience a lot more enjoyable and easy to use.

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Simple things you can do to improve your website.

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