An immersive hotel, rooted in nature, on the edge of one of Norway’s most awe inspiring fjords.

Branding Website Art direction
The location for BREEN hotel, the Geirangerfjord in Norway.

Clarity and vision

With an understated sense of style and flair, this personal and deeply intimate hotel is a rather spoiling home from home.

Located on the banks of the majestic Geirangerfjord, guests of this exciting new hotel will be immersed in the wonder of this incredible location whilst being thoroughly indulged in world class facilities. A world heritage site, Geirangerfjord is known for wild waterfalls, astonishing mountains, lush vegetation and enchanting featherlight mists. The hotel will comprise of 36 bedrooms (many with fjord facing views), a spa with indoor and outdoor pools and hydrotherapy and a Michelin starred restaurant.

With wellbeing at the heart of the hotel, owners Astrid and Felman want to give their guests the chance to escape, rest and rejuvenate whilst being nourished and nurtured. Nature is a huge part of the experience at the hotel and they were keen to bring this into the branding where possible.

Brand essence







Colour palette

Minimal, Scandinavian logo design by Jack Watkins for BREEN Hotel, Norway

Brand aesthetic

Taking inspiration from the dramatic landscapes, and the majestic yet peaceful surroundings, the BREEN brand invites you into nature.

Shapes and geometry are aligned with beautiful Scandinavian design styles, with straight, clean lines inspired by the mountains, valleys and trees which surround the hotel.

Ample use of white space gives the design room to breathe, in alignment with the way the hotel provides a space to rest, relax and rejuvenate the senses.

A distinctly contemporary hotel, deep and invigorating colours are used throughout the brand to reflect the uplifting, nurturing, natural aura that the surroundings create.

Moodboard for Geirangerfjord hotel, BREEN by Jack Watkins
Natural, earthy colour palette for Geirangerfjord hotel, BREEN by Jack Watkins
Postcard and envelope design by Jack Watkins for Geirangerfjord hotel, BREEN

Welcome postcards are sent out to incoming guests in bespoke envelopes, and are a delightful start to the BREEN experience, building excitement and providing a taste for what’s to come.

Manifesto by Jack Watkins, for Geirangerfjord hotel, BREEN

The manifesto gets to the core of what BREEN is all about, and serves as a timely reminder for guests to unwind and relax as they arrive into their room.

Website design by Jack Watkins, for Geirangerfjord hotel, BREEN

Website home page design with inspirational imagery, clean lines and ample use of white space.

Typography design by Jack Watkins, for Geirangerfjord hotel, BREEN

Intentional typography choices create an understated, grounded and natural feel for the brand.

Minimal, Scandinavian logo design for nordic spa, The Spa at BREEN. Designed by Jack Watkins
Nordic spa moodboard for Geirangerfjord hotel and spa, BREEN, designed by Jack Watkins
Packaging design for nordic spa, BREEN, designed by Jack Watkins
Packaging design for nordic spa, BREEN, designed by Jack Watkins
Website design by Jack Watkins, for Geirangerfjord hotel and nordic spa, BREEN

“This has been an absolute pleasure to review. Your work is always so full of confidence, enthusiasm and inspiration. I can sense how much time and care you’ve put into it too which is amazing to see!”

Fiona Humberstone · The Brand Stylist

The majestic Geirangerfjord surroundings for BREEN hotel, Norway.
Jack Watkins presenting brand identity ideas on a MacBook to Lucy Sheridan, a visionary founder.

Working together

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