Lilian · Heaven

An eye-catching, and ear-catching campaign for a super talented singer

Lilian’s Heaven EP artwork and packaging design

Up, up and away

Lilian had gained an impressive following by posting her music and covers on YouTube, and was looking to take her music to the next level with an EP of original music. I worked with her to direct the campaign from start to finish, co-writing and producing the music, shooting the artwork and promo shots, and filming a video to show off the title track and Lilian’s angelic voice.

Creative direction Branding and identity Video production Photography Music production Songwriting Artist development Packaging design
Photography for Lilian’s Heaven EP

Surreal and dreamy

We chose a surreal visual style, which made people look (and listen) twice. The promo photos and music video make use of various visual effects allowing Lilian to fly, levitate and even become invisible!

Graceful and elegant

In line with Lilian’s personality, I made sure that every aspect of the campaign was graceful and elegant. I overhauled Lilian’s brand to make it as simple as possible, whilst still maintaining a unique identity which stands out from the crowd.

Logo design for Lilian

Subtly electronic

Inspiring the surreal visuals, the music makes use of subtle electronic elements and layered choir-like vocals which allow Lilian’s angelic voice to really shine.

Photography for Lilian’s Heaven EP

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