A sassy website and online store for a nutty new brand.

Responsive website design for M+LKPLUS

A seamless experience

After gaining an impressive following and customer base through social media platforms, M+LKPLUS needed to take their brand to the next level and make the order process more seamless by introducing a brand new website.

Mobile-first website design for M+LKPLUS

Mobile first

With a young, mainly female demographic, it was important that the website looked and worked beautifully on mobile devices. With a responsive design approach and mobile-first mentality, I made this requirement a reality.

Mobile-first website design for M+LKPLUS

Easy order management

With an integrated online store, customers are able to easily choose their made-to-order flavours. The team at M+LKPLUS HQ have access to a mobile app which allows them to manage orders, product inventory and promo codes all in one handy location.

Responsive website design for M+LKPLUS

Consistent style

Following atomic design principles, I used a modern, legible typeface with consistent typographic styles and buttons throughout the site. Colour was used carefully to highlight calls to action and to bring attention to specific elements.

Atomic design system for M+LKPLUS website
Product photography for M+LKPLUS product range

Striking imagery

I art directed and photographed the M+LKPLUS product range for use throughout the website, highlighting the various use cases and benefits of using the innovative products.

Brand photography for M+LKPLUS

“Working with Jack has been an absolute DELIGHT. He goes above and beyond all expectations and gets as excited as you are to create your website. His work ethic is second to none and his personality is infectious. In fact… I already want to create another business just so that I can work with him on another website!”

Camilla Ainsworth · Founder

Jack Watkins presenting ideas to a client

Working together

You only get one chance to make a first impression.
Let’s make it a great one.