Exquisitely crafted Chesterfield furniture, with international influence and a distinctive, modern edge.

Students at The Litvinjov Academy for ballet and contemporary dance

Clarity and vision

Portabello are creators of exquisitely crafted, bespoke, made to order Chesterfield furniture – sofas, beds, headboards, ottomans and more. Drawing from classic designs, and elevating this with a modern and distinctive edge, Portabello’s products have international influence and compelling stories woven into every detail.

Based in Blackburn, Lancashire (a town synonymous with UK manufacturing and craftmanship), the company’s products are handmade by a dedicated team, with materials ethically, sustainably and responsibly sourced from all around the world. Customers are able to choose from a vast range of fabrics, colours and details, thanks to the unique, made to order nature of the product.

Established, and yet still able to provide a tailored and individual service, Portabello’s customers love their exceptional design standards, and the team’s dedication to quality, value and stylish living.

Brand essence







Colour palette

Prestigious logo design for ballet and contemporary dance school, The Litvinjov Academy

Creative direction

Distinctive, timeless and considered, the Portabello brand aesthetic is inspired by British design and the place that gave the company its name (Portobello Road). Aspirational and elegant, the brand is full of history, heritage and international influence, and yet, has a contemporary edge. Detail is everything. This is an identity that reinforces Portabello’s position as the place to buy Chesterfield furniture – elevated, distinctive and full of personality.

Moodboard for ballet and contemporary dance school, The Litvinjov Academy

Typefaces are elegant, smooth and decorative. Shapes and lines are flowing, graceful and clear. Paper is beautifully textured, inspired by the company’s products. Pattern may be used in both subtle and daring ways to make a confident yet understated impression. Photography is inspiring, airy, and realistic; it’s also used to showcase the people and craftsmanship behind the products. The brand’s tone of voice is aspirational, personable, and human.

Creative and dynamic imagery combining photography and type for ballet and contemporary dance school, The Litvinjov Academy

The brand colours are considered, delicate and somewhat muted. With a warm velvet white and a blue-black providing a solid foundation and allowing the company’s products to take centre stage, secondary brand colours can also be used where required in brand materials to bring a harmonious and dynamic feel.

Although simple at first glance, the primary logo is packed with hidden meaning.

Distinctive brand identity assets are also full of meaning and intention.


With lead times between 6-8 weeks from ordering to delivery, I recommended sending a small gesture of gratitude on receipt of an order. This personal, subtle and welcoming touch elevates the process, builds excitement and ensures that the experience will be one that is regularly recommended and advocated for. I recommended printing the postcards on a beautifully textured card, the G.F Smith "Embossing Fabric" card which feels weighty and has a leather-like pattern.


Business stationery is confident, considered and clear.


Letterheads are printed on uncoated, 120gsm paper stock for an earthy, natural, and approachable look and feel.


The brand’s signature stripes are used on the back of letterheads for a splash of colour and excitement.


Business cards are printed on uncoated, thick 600gsm textured card for an elegant and substantial feel. The logo and signature curves are specially finished during the print process so that they present differently under the light, with spot gloss and embossing used.


Fabric swatch cards are carefully cut to ensure a consistent and uniform look and feel, with a distinctive zig-zag edge. Each swatch is identically sized which makes for a smooth and clear experience. On the back of each swatch card, fabric codes, colours, care information, fabric protection and upholstery information can be found in a structured layout.


The brand’s social media presence is aspirational, creative and inspiring. Showcasing the company’s bespoke nature, alongside behind the scenes images and lifestyle imagery, the feed images provide inspiration and insight into how Portabello’s products could fit into a prospective customer’s home.


Inside ottomans, underneath sofa cushions and on the back of headboards, the signature brand pattern is used in both subtle and daring ways.

Website design

As Portabello’s online showroom, the website needed to articulate the distinctive, timeless and considered nature of their products. From comfort, to craftsmanship, to sizes, colours, fabrics and sustainability, it was important that the huge array of options available was presented in a clear way. We carefully thought out the journey, structure, layout and design of each and every part of the website to ensure a conversion-optimised, simple and clear user-friendly experience from beginning to end.


The website home page showcases Portabello’s uniqueness, magic, and most popular products, as well as guiding users down the route most relevant to them.


Individual product pages were carefully thought out to ensure that the vast amount of options available were presented in a clear, user-friendly and conversion-optimised way.

“What can I say? It’s like you crawled inside my brain and encapsulated everything I’ve wanted us to communicate as a brand. Thank you so much — I’m feeling emotional.”

Adam Scott · Founder

Prestigious website design for ballet and contemporary dance school, The Litvinjov Academy